Der Golem
Music with film,
or film with music?

Der Golem: wie er in die Welt kam is situated in 16th century Prague. The inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto suffer from the anti-Semitic rule of emperor Rudolf II. Rabbi Jehoeda Löw tries to protect his people and succeeds to create a strong super hero from clay. But the monster starts to get a life of his own. When the rabbi finally tries to neutralize him, the Golem turns against his creator and his people, threatening to destroy the whole city.

Steven Kamperman wrote a composition for organ, double bass, clarinet and percussion, following the story but leaving plenty space for ad hoc improvisations. HOT’s musical version of Der Golem premiered in Eye Film Museum (Amsterdam) in january 2019.

Steven Kamperman — clarinets
Dion Nijland — double bass
Berry van Berkum — organ

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