Jazz in the church?

HOT (Het Orgel Trio) proves it can be done! Together with the impassioned clarinet player Steven Kamperman and the versatile Dion Nijland on bass, Berry van Berkum makes the pipe organ thunder, groan and vibrate with HOT air. And as always, the trio takes the audience along on a journey throughout the building.

Bird & Beyond

Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker was arguably the biggest genius of 20th century jazz. His innovative use of harmony and rhythm was so convincing that a whole generation of saxophonists became addicted to his style. But his harmonic ideas also proved such a coherent and closed building that the next generation preferred to stay out of it entirely.
In 2015, some sixty years after his death, we decided to look how much space we could still find in Bird’s music. And where better to do that than in the miraculous acoustics of the spatious 12th century Nicolaï church in Utrecht, with six beautiful seconds of reverb. And of course on the instrument that has the strongest link to the building: the pipe organ, with its endless sound possibilities.

Both organs on these recordings were manufactured by the Danish firm Marcussen & Søn. The main organ was designed and built between 1948 and 1956, contemporary with Charlie Parker’s years of fame. After quite a national stir caused by the use of foreign builders, immediately after its introduction the organ was generally regarded as setting a new standard for organs in the Netherlands. The small ‘Sweelinck organ’ was built in 1953 for the Dutch broadcast company NCRV, following the style of an historic organ of Sweelinck’s time.
Thus, the old space of the church with its advanced 1950s organs formed the perfect conditions for the recordings of Bird & Beyond!

01 Stars & Eyes— Steven Kamperman, Charlie Parker, Gene de Paul, Don Raye
02 Yardbird Suite— Charlie Parker, arr. Steven Kamperman
03 Red Cross— Charlie Parker
04 Billy’s Billie’s Bounce— Dion Nijland, Charlie Parker
05 GoKoKo— Steven Kamperman, inspired by one phrase of Parker’s solo on KoKo
06 Scrapple from the Big Apple— Charlie Parker, arr. Steven Kamperman
07 Bird & Beast— Steven Kamperman, inspired by Parker’s solo on Kim by C. Parker
08 My little suede Shoes— Charlie Parker, arr. Steven Kamperman
09 Escape from Barbados— Steven Kamperman, Charlie Parker
10 Marmaduke— Charlie Parker
11 Otinro— Berry van Berkum
CD available via www.loplop.nl or by sending a direct mail to info(at)stevenkamperman.nl’
01 Stars & Eyes
— Steven Kamperman, Charlie Parker, Gene de Paul, Don Raye
02 Yardbird Suite
— Charlie Parker, arr. Steven Kamperman
03 Red Cross
— Charlie Parker
04 Billy’s Billie’s Bounce
— Dion Nijland, Charlie Parker
05 GoKoKo
— Steven Kamperman, inspired by one phrase of Parker’s solo on KoKo
06 Scrapple from the Big Apple
— Charlie Parker, arr. Steven Kamperman
07 Bird & Beast
— Steven Kamperman, inspired by Parker’s solo on Kim by C. Parker
08 My little suede Shoes
— Charlie Parker, arr. Steven Kamperman
09 Escape from Barbados
— Steven Kamperman, Charlie Parker
10 Marmaduke
— Charlie Parker
11 Otinro
— Berry van Berkum
CD available via www.loplop.nl or by sending a direct mail to info(at)stevenkamperman.nl’

‘The variations in sound colours, the attack of the organ pipes and above all, the perfect, free and improvising ensemble playing make this CD as attractive for organ lovers as for jazz afficionados.’ Trouw****

‘An original view on Charlie Parker. Bird Lives!, also in this reincarnation.’ Jazzism****

‘Their version of Scrapple of the apple still shows some marks of the original, but most of the other standards have been totally reconstructed. Exciting ode to ‘Bird’.’ Dagblad van het Noorden****

‘What a magnificent idea to use the organ in the church, to perform works of Charlie Parker’ Het Parool****

‘Bird & Beyond is a fantastic adventure for the listener, and most probably was the same for the musicians themselves’ Jazzflits

‘The trio succeeds to add a whole new dimension to the work of Charlie Parker (1920 -1955). They improvise with a joy and passion one rarely encounters in this repertoire. In their hands, bebop is not out of date at all, but a music style that is still very much alive’ Jazzenzo

‘Don’t expect stiff church music, because 60 years after his death Parker still really swings; although the excellent arrangements of HOT can cause some nice disorganization as well. Impressive!’ VPRO / Vrije Geluiden

‘They play with passion, they play fantastically together with audible joy, and they play with lots of humor, and the result is just sublime – this album instantly gets you in a good mood. Like this you have never heard a pipe organ before.’
Moors Magazine

And there is also a review of our live concert, the CD presentation
‘The church is filled with whirling winds. So surprising, so beautiful’
Dichtbij / Utrecht

‘These are three musicians that really met their equals, both musically and rhythmically! Most remarkable are all those beautiful sounds blended by two traditional jazz instruments and one gorgeous neo-barok organ. Talking about the organ! I very much enjoyed the many colourful registrations, and the great toucher and timing. One gets jealous listening to all the chordal and free improvisations sounding as if they were notated note after note.’
Leo van Doeselaar


21 Apr Paduakerk (benefit concert), Nijmegen, 20.15 pm
6 May Grote Kerk, Zwolle, 20.15 pm
7 May Jazz Inverdan, Zaandam, 16.00 pm
4 Jun Nicolaïkerk, Vesper, Utrecht, 17.00 pm
7 Jul Sint Walburgiskerk, Zutphen, 20.00 pm
10 Sep Lutherse Kerk, Apeldoorn, 12.00 pm
17 Sep Willibrordkerk, Utrecht, 14.00 pm
1 Oct Abdij van Berne, Heeswijk, 16.00 pm
5 Nov Hoogstraten (Wortel, België), 16.00 pm

7 Jan Grote Kerk, Wijk bij Duurstede, 16.00 pm
12 Jan Cultuurpodium De Dolder, Den Dolder, 20.00 pm
7 Apr St. Cathrien, Eindhoven, 15.00 pm
28 Aug Stevenskerk, Nijmegen, 20.30 pm
30 Sep St. Egidiuskerk, Dendermonde (België), 15.00 pm
5 Oct Sint Josefkerk, Sint-Niklaas (België), 20.00 pm
13 Oct More information here, Toulouse, 17.00 pm

3 Sep Nijmegen, Stevenskerk (improvisaties bij film: Der Golem), 20.30 uur
8 Sept Apeldoorn, Luthersekerk, 12.00 uur
8 Sept Druten (Puiflijk) (op uitnodiging, aanmelden op www.huisorgel.nl)
15 Sept Utrecht, Nicolaikerk, 14.00 uur
21 Sept Haarlem, Philharmonie (Duke Ellington programma), 20.00 uur
4 Oct Turnhout, Sint-Pieterskerk (improvisaties bij film: Der Golem)
20 Oct Mougins Organ Festival, 20.00 uur
6 Nov Bern, l’Eglise Française, 20.00 uur

18 July Leuven, Predikherenkerk, 20.00 uur
26 Jan Oosterhout, St Jansbasiliek, 15.00 uur
30 May Amsterdam, Orgelpark, 20.00 uur

HOT Het Orgel Trio

Though jazz music is heavily indebted to the church soul tradition, jazz on the organ in the church is still rather an exception. HOT proves it can be done, and how! Jazz classics of Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker get a most surprising twist. Old music at its turn transforms into sizzling improvisations. Highly unconventional, HOT brings jazz to all the corners of the church!


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Steven Kamperman
alto clarinet, soprano saxophone

In 1998, clarinettist and composer Steven Kamperman (1970) did the prestigious Dutch ‘VIP tour’ with his band 1 Step 7 Seas, followed by a tour including performances at the SJU Jazz Festival (1999) and North Sea Jazz Festival (2000). In 2002 – together with the Turkish singer Behsat Üvez – he founded the Turkish-Dutch world-improvisation ensemble Baraná, resulting in a decade of intense cooperation and 6 highly acclaimed CDs. Their ensemble Baraná – in different line-ups – was heard from Mexico to Siberia. Since 2012 Kamperman has been performing with his own Steven Kamperman Trio establishing links between modern, ancient, eastern, and western modal music, and in duo with the famous French hurdy-gurdy player Valentin Clastrier. As a composer for other ensembles, he also wrote several string trio’s and, in 2015, the acclaimed opera ‘Little red riding hood’ for Holland Opera, receiving four star reviews in Volkskrant, NRC and Theaterkrant.


Dion Nijland

Dion Nijland (1970) studied double bass at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. Besides his activities with HOT (Het Orgel Trio) he plays jazz and improvised music in groups such as Dimami, VanBinsbergen Playstation, The Chronometer’s Orchestra and De Bende van Drie. For almost 10 years Dion was part of Talking Cows, a famous Dutch jazz quartet . In 2006 Dimami took part in The Young VIPs Tour with, among others, Anton Goudsmit on guitar. He has played with a wide variety of groups in France, Germany, Chile, Bolivia, Iraq, Turkey, India, Portugal and the USA. In 2006 he took part in the Oostpool Theatre Group production of Brel, featuring Jeroen Willems in the title role. In 2009 he joined The RO Theater group in the theater play Woyzeck and shortly after did a large tour with the dance company Station Zuid in a piece called Ghost Note: a danced tribute to jazz. As a double bass playing improviser he was musician in residence in his hometown Utrecht in 2009, as well as in Nijmegen in 2011. Dion teaches double bass at ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem.


Berry van Berkum

Berry van Berkum (1960) studied the organ, improvisation and piano at the Arnhem Conservatory with Bert Matter and Jacques Hendriks respectively. He participated in masterclasses with Harald Vogel (BRD) and Louis Thiry (F), and pursued his improvisation studies with Bert van den Brink and Jan Welmers, and composition with Andries van Rossem and Klaas de Vries. Berry van Berkum was a prizewinner at international organ competitions, including the Dollard Festival (BRD), and has recorded music by Messiaen, Welmers , Bach and others for radio and CD. He is a well known solo player and (jazz) improviser in the Netherlands and abroad. He was appointed organist of the church of Antonius van Padua in Nijmegen in 1990 and is since may 2011 organist of the Nicolaïchurch in Utrecht.

Bird & Beyond

Special thanks to

Nicolaï church, Jeannette Provily, Ko Zwanenburg,
Marcel de Ridder, Ton Kooiman, Orgelpark Amsterdam, Bert van Dijk, Jasper Kamperman, Tjitze Vogel, Sony, and EMI

LLr 044

Recorded June 14th/15th 2016
in Nicolaï church, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Geurink
This CD has been made possible by financial support of Sena and Fonds Podiumkunsten (composition)

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